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LED Plant Grow Light for Vegetable/Flower (140W, 2900 Lumen, Red/White/ Blue LEDs, 50000 Hour Life Span, 100 LEDs)

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LED Plant Grow Light for Vegetable/Flower (140W, 2900 Lumen, Red/White/ Blue LEDs, 50000 Hour Life Span, 100 LEDs)

TAIF-LT352 Highlights...

  • Optimized LEDs that target the Photosynthetically Active Regions for the best growing results for any type of plant
  • This 140 Watt LED light benefits from a low operating costs and long lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • Two internal fans keep your grow light cool at any time
  • With different light frequencies you can be assured that, no matter what you're growing, you'll always get an ultimate yield

140 Watt LED Grow Light

This powerful 140 Watt LED grow light will help you to grow the most astonishing flowers and healthy vegetables in any type of environment. By holding 100 LED lights that emit different types of red, blue, and white light this grow light is the perfect accessory to support you in obtaining the perfect yield no matter what you are growing. With a service time of over 50,000 hours you can be assured that this LED grow light will get you through numerous years filled with impressive flower, fruit, and vegetable yields - allowing you to take the most out of your gardening activities.

As we all know, growing your beloved flowers, vegetables, or fruit is not an easy task. Especially for those of us who are living in a country where nature offers limited hours of sunlight it may be challenging to let your crops grow to their full potential. In such environments LED grow lights are there to support you by supplementing the lack of natural light by artificial LED light, allowing your crops to bloom as if they were enjoying all the benefits of the natural sun.

By emitting different frequencies of blue, red, and white light this powerful grow light is equivalent to a 300 Watt HPS light thanks to which it will stimulate all your plants and vegetables to grow, even when located in a room lacking any natural sunlight. Made out of a durable iron material this LED light features two internal low noise fans that help you cool the light while in use - allowing you to run your grow light non-stop to ensure that your beloved flowers do not miss a single second of their well deserved artificial LED light. Having an input voltage of 100-265V you can be assured that this energy efficient grow light works in any country. No matter where you live, with this LED grow light you will be able to grow the healthiest crops during any time of the year.

By emitting the exact wavelengths required by plants to optimize their photosynthesis, this LED grow light is guaranteed to support you in obtaining the perfect yield no matter what and where you are growing your crops. Producing up to 2900 lumen this energy efficient grow light is capable of producing different frequencies of red, white, and blue light that each come along with its own set of benefits. At 620-630nm this grow light panel emits a red light that is perfect to stimulate the flowering and budding process of your flowers, allowing you to get the most stunning flowers out there. When emitting blue light at a frequency of 450-460nm, this LED light highly supports your vegetative growth and provides you with fruit and vegetable yields like never before.

Having the ability to apply different colors of artificial sunlight at different wavelengths allows you to exactly target the different needs of your plants, flowers, or vegetables. Whether you want them to grow, flower, or fruit - this energy efficient LED grow light will be there to guarantee that your all your plants will reach their fullest potential, allowing you to enjoy stunning yields and beautiful flowers.

This LED grow Light comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.

Product Specifications

    • LED Grow Light
    • Power Output: 140W
    • LED Chipset: 3W
    • Number of LEDs: 100 pieces
    • Wavelength: Red: 620 to 630nm, Blue: 450 to 460nm, White 6500K
    • Red: 72 pieces, Blue: 20 pieces, White: 6 pieces, UV: 1 piece, IR: 1 piece
    • Lumen: 2900 Lumen
    • Heat-Dissipation: Low Noise Fan
    • Life Time: About 50,000 Hours
    • Light Angle: 60 Degrees
    • Work Voltage: AC 100 to 265V
    • Working Current: 0.53 to 1.4A
    • Frequency: 47 to 63Hz
    • Working Temperature: -20 to 40 Degree Celsius
    • Application: Vegetables, Bloom, Grow

    • Main Product Dimensions: 305 x 207 x 60 mm (L x W x D)
    • Main Product Weight: 2329g
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    Package Details
    • Grow Light
    • Power Cable
    • Suspension Cable + Clip

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